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We have a dedicated membership area, where people who would like to join the club or continue to be a member, can sign up, pay and become an official member of the club. In order to receive news and selection requests, all players should ensure that they accept emails from the club.

  1. When you join, every member has a profile that they need to submit, can manage and update themselves. Photographs should be added to support coaches and officials.
  2. All players will be assigned to a team or squad, and they will be able to update the website and team areas with team news items, match reports and photos.
  3. Selection for matches will be through the club website and recorded to ensure transparency and in line with our commitment to our data protection policy.
  4. This is the main way of communicating to club members which will be via the website or by email. This is why confirming your email and allowing access for club communication is so important.
  5. Download the Pitchero app to keep in touch with the club and up-to-the minute selection information and news
  6. Members will pay their membership directly via the website.
  7. GoCardless is the facility that is used to pay for any transactions. This is similar to PayPal but has a direct debit facility. You will have to sign up and set up your bank details initially, and then be able to pay your subs.


For issues with the access to the database or with registration to Pitchero, please contact their support team directly.

If you are sexperiencing issues with resetting your password, or need additional Pitchero registration support, then please contact support: Phone: (0845 0176 088) or Email: