Pitchero Training - admin and committee members

Training is available for team administrators and committee members who need access to the Pitchero database.

Team admin and committee members should ask webmasters for guidence to ensure that Petersfield Hockey remain compliant to GDPR guidelines and that we have consistency in our use of processes and data.

To gain administrative access to the Pitchero Database, all data controllers & processors should:

  1. Read the Petersfield Data Protection Policy.
  2. Follow the training on Pitchero by ensuring they can complete the actions on slides 4 & 5 in the Pitchero Training Deck
  3. Use the links to the general Pitchero training where needed - there is a lot of information available.

If you need more help, ask the club webmasters Sheena Hulme and Stuart Eames in the first instance.


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